Living Wild Studios is the creative home of Dr. Sheree Mack. Living Wild Studios is her sanctuary as creates a space cyber space for herself, away from social media, away from the performance and exploitative spaces. Sheree just wants to rest and share her love of creativity. Her practice of creating a full and authentic life.

Studio Notes@Living Wild Studios now here on Substack is usually a monthly missive, love letter coming from the heart, detailing what Sheree’s been pondering, musing, doing and being in the time in-between. These notes are experiments in connection. Sometimes they hit the mark, sometimes they don't . But all will remain her as a testament of Sheree standing and sharing in all her messed up glory.

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However, you are welcome to support our efforts here by becoming a paid subscriber (thank you!). I would definitely appreciate your contributions to this journey. Each time I come here and share something new, be this poem, essay, voice message or quote, know that I come with an open heart in recognition of you. You are appreciated.

Your financial gift would signal your appreciation for what I share but it would also help me to buy notebooks and pens, tarot and oracle cards, paints and gum as each one keeps my inspiration up and the fire in the belly burning so I can to continue to show up and be in service of others.

I’m still settling in here and finding my feet. So when or if I choose to make a few future posts( juicy posts) available only to paying members, I will let you know ahead of time so you can jump on that wagon.

Thanks for being here.

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Sending out Studio Notes from time to time from Sheree Mack's creative home @ Living Wild Studios


I’m a Creatrix with a practice which manifests through poetry, storytelling, image and the unfolding histories of black people. I engage audiences around black women’s voices and bodies, black feminism, ecology and memory .